Saturday, 25 February 2017


Guess what? We are really excited for a new TV series that will premiere in March: 13 Reasons Why! Have you heard about it?

13 Reasons Why is an upcoming original American television series in-production based on the 2007 novel Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. The first season is being developed with thirteen episodes, which are scheduled to be released on Netflix on March 31, 2017.
Based on the best selling book written by Jay Asher, '13 Reason Why ', it is a psychological thriller set around the suicide of a girl in an American college. Hannah, the name of the young suicide, tells in 13 audio recordings of the reasons that led her to take her own life. Thirteen stories related to as many classmates including Clay Jensen the boy who had a crush on her and who will receive 13 audio cassettes in a mysterious box.


HANNA BAKER: Hannah is the protagonist of the story. She committed suicide for thirteen reasons, or rather, thirteen people. She tells their stories on tapes and sends them to the first people on her list.

CLAY JENSEN: Clay is the ninth person on the list. He is the narrator of the story along with Hannah. As he listens to Hannah's tapes, Clay describes his emotions, thoughts, and reactions to her story.

TONY: Tony is Clay's closest friend and the one who receives the second set of tapes. He has to make sure each person on the list follows Hannah's instructions.

JUSTIN FOLEY: Justin is the first person on Hannah's list. He is also the tenth. Justin was Hannah's first kiss, a moment that Hannah initially treasured. However, Justin embellished the story of their kiss and caused rumours about Hannah around the school.

ALEX STANDALL: Alex is the second person on Hannah's list. Also new to Crestmont, Alex, along with Jessica Davis, were Hannah's first friends at school.

JESSICA DAVIS: Along with Alex, Jessica was one of Hannah's first friends in Crestmont.



We didn’t read the book but we would like to. Maybe we’ll manage to do it before the TV series starts. We like this story so much and we can’t wait to see it on TV.

Isn’t it an intriguing story? 
Have you read the book?



  1. I have Netflix and I've heard about it but I've never see this serie. I'll see it soon girls😂

    1. It will be released at the end of March, Federica.

  2. I have never seen this film,because i didn't have Netflix ,but when i can, i go to Chiara Frigida and i see it.
    Great post girls <3

    1. You'll have to wait for a while, Francesca. At least until the end of March.

  3. I've heard about this TV series and I'd like to see it. Hood job girls!

  4. Great job girls❤ So,I can't wait to see it😍

    1. Thanks Rosita! I look forward to seeing it!

  5. It seems an interesting tv series... I'd like to see it! Great post girls!!😍

  6. It may be a beautiful tv series but I have to wait for the italian version on tv! Good job girls!

  7. Well done girls! It might become my favourite TV series... I can't wait to watch it

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