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Hi friends! We are Francesco and Nicolo’ and today, in this post, we will talk about a very interesting initiative: “I borghi più belli d’Italia”, the most beautiful villages in Italy. This is an association which selects small villages around the Italy, according to their historical and naturalistic interest. It was founded in March 2001 with the aim of preserving and maintaining villages of fabulous heritage. The association holds initiatives such as festivals, exhibitions and other interesting events.
Furthermore, they draw up a list including the most beautiful Italian towns. This is a very competitive contest!

Now, after this short introduction we’re going to show you the TOP 10 most beautiful Italian villages according to the Italian National Club above mentioned:

10 – SPELLO (Umbria) is a wonderful town placed in the Umbrian wood. It seems that Ispello, Enea’s friend, lost his way and arrived in Spello. After his arrival, he fell in love with this village and remained there. Typical products: extra virgin oil, honey, black truffle and bruschetta.

9 – SCANNO (Abruzzo) is a particular town, indeed it is built on a stone spur. The pastoralism is, and was, the most dynamic economic activity, which brought prosperity into the town. Goldworking is a really famous tradition there. Typical products: cheese, cured meat and “sagne and fagioli”.

8 – CHIANALEA DI SCILLA (Calabria) also known as Marina di Scilla, is mostly populated by tourists and visitors, being characterized by hotels and restaurants. On the top of the mountain, next to Chianalea, there is a marvellous castle (The Ruffo Castle) built by the Duke of Calabria that overlooks the beach and the sea. Typical products: swordfish, “zibibbo” and limoncello.

6 – FORNELLI (Molise) was an important medieval centre because of its strategic position. Nowadays the walls are still intact but the defending towers were destroyed. Typical products: oil, truffles and r’suffritt (with offal of lamb, potatoes and peppers).

5 – LOVERE (Lombardia) is placed in Val Canonica. A characteristic of this village is that the majority of the houses are overhang by a wooden roof, typical of Switzerland. Lovere faces a lake and has a semicircle mountain behind. In the past, many populations settled in this area like Romans and Celts. Typical products: cheese and cornmeal mush.

4 – POSADA (Sardinia) , the etymology of Posada is relax and calmness. In fact, there, there is an impressive variety of flora and fauna where you could practice bird- watching or excursions in typical places such as Nuraghi and other castles.

3 – CASTELLABATE (Campania), we are on the pod! The historical centre of this town is a Human Holding (Patrimonio dell’Umanità?). From the top of the mountain, where the city is placed, you can see a compelling landscape full of beaches, vegetation and other mountains. In Castellabate was shot “Benvenuti al Sud”, a funny comedy movie that shows us every angle of this town. Typical products: oil, vine and “ragù with castrato”.

2 – CERVO (Liguria) is a small town that has rare landscapes and attracts many tourists every year. Cervo is the location of one of the most important musical event in the world, the International Chamber Music Festival of Cervo that has been held every summer since 1964. Typical products: oil, olives and fresh fish.

1 – SAMBUCA DI SICILIA (Sicily) is a peculiar town, the most beautiful Italian village and, etimologically, means “inside the walls” in the Arabic language. There are a lot of characteristic places to visit there, such as the Palace of Arpa, the remains of the castle of Emir (sign of the Arabic influence) and the Fort of Mazzallakker which emerges only in the summer when the lake level is lowered. Typical products: cheese, oil and “minni di virgini”(dessert)

By the way, we think we’ve forgotten a place which is as special as interesting:
Subiaco! This is our hometown; it became part of this unique club in 2014. Subiaco was the 13th village of the region of Lazio, to be enlisted in this national category, and this was possible after a careful check of the city that took about 4 months. As a matter of fact, having been involved in the Club, Subiaco attended several international fairs and tourist events which are organized by the club itself with the aim to promote and give value to the endless cultural heritage of its villages.


Francesco & Nicolò


  1. Well done guys but you've forgotten to mention our Village, Subiaco!

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    2. Karina... I think you should read all the article😉☺

  2. Good job,guys! My favourite in your list is CASTELLABATE but I can say it only for the photo you used..I've never visited these places.

  3. Great job!I think it is an interesting post and I think these are fantastic places;I would like to visit Castellabate,Posada and Lovere.

  4. Good job boys !

    My favourite is Chianalea di Sicilia 😍😍

  5. These villages are wonderful but my favorite there isn't in your list. It's Pinzolo,a village on the Alps.😍

  6. Wonderful😍 I think Italy is very beautiful, my favourite of your list is CERVO...but Subiaco is the best ever!

  7. What places!
    I know that our town Subiaco was added to this list of most beautiful villages in Italy...
    I would like to visit Cervo, in Liguria

  8. This post is beatiful!!! I love Scanno, I always go There with My family. Since I was Little I always wanted To visit Castellabate in Campania !!! Good Job Guys !!!

  9. Well done! I've visited Spello and it is very beautiful!😍
    I would like to go to sambuca di Sicilia!😊