Sunday, 5 February 2017


With the coming of the cold and the snow we have decided to write a post about winter sports. Traditionally these sports are played in cold areas (Alpine countries, North America, Japan and North Europe) during winter, but sometimes if there isn’t snow and ice, they are played on artificial snow and artificial ice. So, thanks to technology many countries can host the winter Olympic Games and other competitions.

They are divided in two categories:

  • Sports on ice (Bob, Curling, Hockey, Skating, Skeleton)

  • Sports on snow (all the types of Skiing, Snowboard, Snowbike)


We think the most beautiful and interesting sport on ice is Ice Hockey. It is a contact team sport where the skaters use their sticks to shoot a puck into their opponent’s net to score points.

The team is formed by 6 players, one goalkeeper and five players. It is popular especially in North America and Northern and Eastern Europe. Ice Hockey is the official sport in Canada, in fact the most important league is NHL (National Hockey League).

Well, probably, we like this sport because it is similar to football and above all for the contacts between the players because we love  hard sports.


As an example of sports on snow we have chosen Biathlon (in Latin it means two races). It is a winter sport that combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. It consists in travelling a course with ski in lesser possible time. During the races, the athletes must stop in the location of shot, but every mistakes entails a penalty.

It is played in the Olympic Games and World Cup.

We are attracted by this sport because it is a mix of two beautiful sports and it is very engaging to be watched  on TV.

Which is your favourite winter sports? Have you ever practised one of these sports?

Alex & Luca


  1. Good job guys! I never practised one of these sports but I would like to play ice hockey, even though it's a very hard sport!😰

  2. I like winter sports especially snowboard because I love seeing people who perform acrobatics.
    I have never practised winter sports...I am hopeless😂

  3. Winter is my favorite season. I like the snow, Christmas Day, Black Friday but I specially love skiing 😍 This is one of my favorite sports. Well done guys!

  4. Good job! I've never practiced winter sports because I hate cold!😹

  5. Beautiful job guys👏
    I have practiced winter sport.
    I like skiing😍

  6. Great jobs guys!👏
    I love winter and winter sports, in fact I watch ski in TV every sunday❄⛷

  7. Good job Alex and Luca.Winter sports are so exciting!

  8. Well done guys! Despite limited winter sports facilities in my town, I love winter sports!

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