Monday, 13 February 2017


De Sica is an Italian actor, director and scriptwriter. He was born on 5th January 1951 in Rome, Italy. His father, Vittorio, was an important director so he decided to follow him in the world of the cinema. De Sica developed his own style of comedy and entertainment in Rai television shows. He started acting in 1972 with “Paulina 1880”.

He starred in many kinds of films, but his most famous films are the “cine-panettoni”(comedies that reach movie theatres during the Christmas season) and he formed a long-lasting couple with the actor Massimo Boldi from 1985 to 2005. They quarrelled and they split up for money problems. Pity! They were so hilarious together.


10- Poveri ma ricchi(2016)

9- Natale in India(2003)

8- S.P.Q.R.-2000 e 1⁄2 anni fa(1994)

7- A spasso nel tempo(1996)

6- Merry Christmas(2001)

5- Body guards-Guardie del corpo(2000)

4- Paparazzi(1998)

3- Vacanze di Natale 2000(1999)

2- Tifosi(1999)

1- Natale sul Nilo(2002)

In our opinion Christian De Sica is the best comedian. In his career he has won 3 “David di Donatello” , an important prize in Italian cinema. His most typical role in films is that of the typical Italian libertine, a man who loves lots of women, and in the cine-panettoni he happens to have more than one lover at the same time and that is what provokes a series of funny situations.
We love Christian De Sica for his hilarious facial expressions and voice intonation.

Our desire would be to see him play again with Massimo Boldi in a final film before the two actors decide to retire.

What is your opinion about him and his films? Do you like this type of comedy?


Alex T. & Alessandro S.


  1. I like De Sica a lot because he is a great comedian and actor and he is very funny!

  2. When I was child I watched "A spasso nel tempo" with my cousins. It's very funny. My favorite part of the film is when Christian De Sica with his friend meet a very big dinosaur. 😂😂😂

    1. That part of the film is very funny😂😂

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    3. Yes Giovanni,but the best part of the film is in Florence😂

  3. Definitely one or the most famous comedian in Italy, that's for sure

  4. Good job guys!👏
    I like Christian De Sica,he is very funny😂

  5. I love Christian De Sica and I like watching his comedies because they're light and great fun!

  6. For me Christian De Sica is very funny. Sometimes I watched his films with my mom.😂

  7. I think he is really amusing and a great actor! Good job guys

  8. Good job! I like Christian De Sica very much and i think he is a great actor!��

  9. Good job guys! Christian is a great actor.
    My favourite movie in your list is "Merry Christmas"! It's so funny!

  10. Great job guys! I love Christian De Sica,he is one of the most famous and better comic actors in Italy!

  11. I liKe Christian De Sica, But I Think He isn't one of The Best actor in italy. Good Job Alex And Alessandro! !!!

  12. i think Christian de Sica is one of the best italian comedian. i love watchiing the films where he plays. i have fun. good jobs guys !!!

  13. i think Christian de Sica is one of the best italian comedian. i love watchiing the films where he plays. i have fun. good jobs guys !!!