Thursday, 9 February 2017


Hi guys! Today we’re going to tell you about a very popular sitcom called “2 broke girls”.
It is an American sitcom created for Warner Bros Television by Michael Patrick King and Whitney Cummings. It premiered in September 2011 in the USA.
Two best friends, Max and Caroline, work in a cafeteria in the neighbourhood of Brooklyn, New York City and they would like to start a cupcake business.
They live in poverty, but Caroline grew up in a billionaire family!

Here’s the description of the main characters below.


She is a poor working girl who had a rough childhood because of her mother who was always absent and incompetent: she was a drug addict.


She’s a waitress at the Williamsburg Diner. She was a rich girl who lost all her money when her father was arrested. Max is her co-worker and best friend.


He has been the cashier at the Diner since 1962 and a former musician. He loves marijuana: you shouldn’t be like him!


He is a Ukrainian chef. He harasses Max and Caroline with inappropriate jokes.


He is the owner of the Williamsburg Diner. He comes from South Korea and he often references his name.


She comes from Poland and she owns a cleaning company. She lives near Max and Caroline’s apartment. She doesn’t like Caroline but she invests in her cupcake business.

This is the theme song.

Great, isn’t it?

This sitcom has been broadcast in English in numerous countries around the world.
This series has received lots of criticism much of which was focused on the overuse of sexually based jokes or offensive racial stereotypes. It’s been nominated Worst TV series of the Year!

In our opinion this sitcom is great fun, even though sometimes it sound a bit offensive.

Have you ever watched it? What do you think about it? Do you think it’s offensive or amusing?


Eugenio, Alessandro S., Rosita, Giada & Elisa


  1. I saw Two Broke Girls, I like it although it isn't my favourite. Yes, it's a bit coarse...but it's amusing too.
    Good post guys😄

  2. I'm sorry but Two Broke Girls isn't my favorite sitcom... but your post is very good! 🙃

  3. Great post guys!! I lIke every single character of this sitcom, especially Max Black with her funny and inappropriate jokes ☺☺

  4. I usually see this Tv series after lunch. It is very funny and cool! My favourite character is Max..
    well done guys!!

  5. I like this Tv Series, it's really amusing even though some think it is too offensive.

  6. I love 2 BROKE GIRLS..I have watched it a lot of time and I found it always amusing and funny (yes a little stupid sometimes)
    I love Max,she is my favourite character.

  7. I love 2 broke Girls !!! 😍 I always watch with My Friends, our favourite character is Max !!!