Friday, 10 February 2017


Nowadays our world is changing because of lots of forms of pollution. In this post I’d like to list some of the most dangerous:

-Nature's imbalance
For everything we take from the Earth, there is a consequence. Perhaps pollution is a symptom of nature's imbalance. Some people take from the Earth, but countless others become sick, displaced or harmed due to the resulting pollution — affecting wildlife and more. 

-Oil spills
In the wake of the Gulf oil spill, the harmful effects of marine oil spills are obvious. Birds, fish and other marine life can be devastated from a spill, and the ecosystems often take decades to recover.  

-Radioactive waste
Most radioactive waste comes because of nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons reprocessing, but it can also be the by-products of medical and industrial procedures, coal or mineral mining, or oil processes. All radioactive waste carries the potential for water and air contamination.  

-Urban air pollution
According to the World Health Organization, 2.4 million people die every year primarily because of air pollution. Urban areas such as Los Angeles, Mumbai, Cairo, Beijing and many of the world's most populated cities have the worst air quality.  

Many plastics are toxic. Vinyl chloride (PVC), is a known carcinogen, and bisphenol A (BPA) can disrupt endocrine function, can cause insulin resistance and it has been linked to heart disease. Plastics biodegrade slowly, in some cases lasting for hundreds of thousands of years.  

-Agricultural pollution
Pesticides, chemicals and untreated manure are the most dangerous forms of agricultural pollution because they end up in the water supply.  

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  1. Very interesting matter, Lorenzo! I've got familiar with this kind of issues since I'm joining the GCMUN in 10 days and my committee collaborates with WHO (World Health Organization).
    Why don't you take part next year?

    1. Very good comment eugenio!
      So I'll think about it...

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  3. I like your post very much,Lorenzo! I think that the problem is that the man is ruining everything that the nature has and he makes the environment increasingly unliveable!

  4. Really interesting post, It is a big issue and is not so easy to solve it!...

  5. We have ruined everything around us.
    We have always taken everything without engagement,I don't know if what I mean is enough clear.
    Good idea,Lorenzo