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Who does not know Sherlock Holmes? The famous detective created by Arthur Conan Doyle’s pen revolutionized our lives. We read Doyle’s books and we watched movies and TV series inspired by his stories.

Many directors tried to bring the adventures of Sherlock and Dr. Watson to the big screen, some with excellent results and others with less impressive outcomes. We think the BBC TV series “SHERLOCK” is the best attempt to modernize the legend because it is set in today’s London, the perfect city to solve a mystery since it is one of the most chaotic capitals in the world.

Benedict Cumberbatch was born to be the perfect Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman is an excellent right-hand man who inspires Sherlock while solving the cases.

They live in 221 B Baker Street, the apartment of Mrs Hudson, the most eccentric landlady you can find in London.

They can solve more cases in their house than Scotland Yard. They accept the strangest cases…the only rule is to sit down in front of their armchairs.

Sherlock is not the only genius in the family: his elder brother, named Mycroft, is even more intelligent than him.

However, every hyperactive sociopath worthy of respect has his own scourge. Sherlock has Jim Moriarty, an impressive serial killer with money and many partnerships with influential men.

(Un)fortunately there are other villains in London who bring with them other mysteries to solve.

Four seasons have been realized so far and the producers have already declared that the TV series has just started; in addition to the four seasons, a special episode was shot: it is an enchanting mini-film set between the Victorian age and today. 

Now we would like to tell you about our impressions after watching “The final problem”, which is the last episode so far. 
Sherlock gave us an episode and a final with a bang, first thanks to such thrilling twists and turns that we were gobsmacked! Our reaction to the end of the episode was:

Moriarty appeared at last!

Our favourite character: When he appeared, we celebrated! Jim Moriarty was missed, really missed, a lot! What a disappointment to read “five years before”.We do not believe he is dead still, we do not give up. He is still alive! 

Anyway, it was really exciting to see him again, it was our Christmas gift from Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, the brilliant authors of the series. Thank you, uncles Steven and Mark!


However, what was the final problem? Better who was? 

The final problem was the case of… Readbear, which was the moment everything changed in Sherlock’s  life. Sherlock became detached and weird, Euros was taken away. Both dissociated from their emotions to not to be injured again. Who’s Euros? If you ask, you haven’t seen Sherlock 4, so… we won’t tell you more. Watch it and discover it yourself!

Have you ever seen Sherlock? If you have, what about rewatching the series? Here are our favourite episodes  in each season: 


Everything started from this unforgettable episode where Sherlock and Watson met each other for the first time. The two soon found themselves digging into a string of strange serial suicides. 

Now imagine if John had not agreed to live with Sherlock, he would have a quiet life…but he would not have lived his biggest adventure with his friend! In addition, we would not have loved this invincible couple of weirdos! 

The first time I saw this episode I loved it immediately because I had not never thought about Sherlock Holmes as a modern character and “A study in Pink” instead of “A study in Scarlet” was brilliant! Benedict Cumberbatch made the Science of Deduction even more interesting…in his own special way.


In “A study in Pink”, there are many beautiful moments. When Sherlock amazes Watson with his deductions for the first time, John’s face is perplexed and it seems he says : “Are you kidding me?” “The game is on” is the best quote! Do you agree with me? But I love also when Sherlock says: "My name’s Sherlock Holmes and the address is 221B Baker Street. Afternoon”. Moreover, the soundtrack? It makes  me shiver. Awesome!

That is all! If you don’t know what I am talking about, run to watch it. NOW!



This is the last episode of the second season. In my opinion it is the most beautiful episode of all the series and I think many others agree with me. It is very complex and Sherlock is in a difficult situation: Moriarty succeeds in putting him against everybody!  Only John continues to support him because they have a real and solid friendship. The finale is exceptional ...but I do not want to spoil it!!


I have loved Sherlock Holmes since I was a child but I think this TV series is wonderful, even more gripping than the books themselves!



Here is the plot of the episode:

Holmes is preparing for his role as a witness to the marriage of Mary and Watson and is struggling with the speech of tribute to his friend. Initially bizarre, his speech focused on two recent cases, both unsolved. It will be thanks to the speech that Holmes will discover the connections between the two events.

This is one of my favourite episodes! An episode that also include a farewell. This is because the time of Sherlock and Watson alone against the world had ended. John was married with Mary. Apparently, a part of their friendship was over.


The best moment of all: Sherlock’s speech as a witness! I loved it!  Sherlock has never been that funny and and touching at the same time: when he thanked John for his friendship, I cried. What was missing in that perfect speech? What do you think of flashbacks of their adventures and of a live case?


What are you still doing there? Go and watch (or re-watch) the episode!



New Year, new Sherlock! The first episode of season 4 aired on the 1st January 2017. I remember that morning I was bit stunned because I had celebrated 2017 with my friends just a few hours earlier…but I was also excited: I could not skip one of the most beautiful moments of the year!

What an episode! 

Sherlock investigates a case where the son of a rich family is found dead in a car. Sherlock solves the case quickly, as usual, but another mystery linked with the first one comes out: the smashing of a bust of Margaret Thatcher. Sherlock understands that the last bust contained some secrets about Mary’s past: she is in danger!

I cannot go on…if you did not watch it, you’d better do it: it is a TV masterpiece!



We'll leave you with this video that features bits from all the season of Sherlock.

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