Thursday, 9 February 2017


Today it was just a simulation, but in April and May we’ll have the real Trinity exams. Our examiner, Mr David Field, was really patient and kind so it  was  an exciting experience. We didn’t imagine that to get a certification in English could also be a thrilling experience.

I wasn’t really worried about the exam, though I was kinda curious. I didn’t know if I was able to speak as good as I had done at home and my pronunciation can be a bit of a mess from time to time.But at the end of the day it went well, I answered the questions, had an enjoyable conversation and,maybe, even learned something new about English.   (Simone)

At the beginning of the exam I was very anxious, but  after I  entered  the classroom David made me feel at ease. Everything was ok even if I did not understand everything in the listening tasks. It has been fun and it was an exam!  (Ludovica)

I laughed a lot during this exam! David, the Trinity examiner,  was really nice and kind. We discussed about fashion ,  but I’m not  interested so I couldn’t say much…. I hope I passed and I didn’t sound silly!!! The listening tasks were simple,  but I don’t know if I got everything right!    ( Lucrezia)

David, the Trinity examiner, has been so kind! He is fantastic.  When I entered  the classroom, I was very nervous, but when I saw David, I calmed down: he was smiling at me. We talked about the rules in my school.  Anything I said he smiled at me.  It was an  amusing experience.   I’d like repeat, it was great. (Angela)

I didn’t think that the Trinity examiners were so friendly and easy-going! Our teachers are not like that, unfortunately. At  first I was really embarrassed but when I said hello to him I understood he wasn’t as I expected so there was no need to be nervous.  (Alessandro)

The Trinity trial exam was not so difficult in general  but at the beginning I got confused,  instead little by little while I was speaking,  it got better . The examiner was very professional and kind. I hope that  the next time I will not be so nervous before an exam because it is useless.  ( Alex P. )

I think the Trial exam was not so difficult. When I entered I was very nervous, afraid and embarrassed,  but then I realized that it was very easy if I could focused on what the examiner was telling me.  I liked David's patient and kind attitude, he was amusing, professional and kind!   In my opinion, it was a great experience. (Giada)

I was worried during the exam, but the examiner  made me feel at ease. He is amusing and a real gentleman! The second listening task was quite difficult, but the conversation was pleasant. It was a good experience.  (Camilla)   


When I started the exam I was worried,  but after a while I found out the examiner was sociable and I relaxed. When I started to talk about the topics  I answered all the questions  and he  listened to me  with calm. If I have to do it again, I will be less nervous.  (Denis)

I have just finished the exam and I think it wasn’t so difficult; before the exam I was very anxious but now I am calmer. David, the examiner, made me feel at ease and now I’m  ready for the real exams in April and in May.  (Rosita)         

The trial exam was easy and fun. The examiner always smiled. He asked me where I would like to live in the future and if I have ever been to Rome. Of course, I have! Several times! In April I will do the real exam  and I’m  already anxious. Wish me good luck! (Francesca)


  1. You are so cute guys😂 I hope I'll find this exam not so difficult...Exams trouble me in general.(even in Italian think in English!).
    David seems nice from the photo.

  2. Wonderful day and wonderful experience! Now I'm ready for the next exam on May 🙈🔝

  3. Fantastic day😍
    Great experience! David is very nice😂

  4. A very anxious day😂 but it was a wonderful experience! The examinator was so cute😍

  5. It was a fantastic experience!
    David is very amusing!🖒👊

  6. I didn't do this exam but I've heard that David was a nice examiner so I think the exams went well!

  7. David is so cute!
    It was a beautiful experience but I was so nervous even if it wasn't an exam..

  8. We are a pretty special group, aren't we? ;-)