Thursday, 16 February 2017


Have you ever felt special? Have you ever thought you could have a hidden power like reading minds, seeing horrible creatures, becoming invisible or being able to fly?

If you think so you are in the right place! We are glad to welcome you to Miss Peregrine's home.
This house is in an island far from everyone and everything. There live many children who have strange abilities and for this reason people call them "peculiar".

They live there because they aren't accepted by society, and these kids live in the past because Miss Peregrine can restart the same day everyday creating a time loop. In this way she can keep the children safe from the hallowgasts, terrible monsters.

This book was written by Ranson Riggs. We like to think he was a peculiar child who decided to leave Miss Peregrine's home and go to America. Here he gets older and he starts writing stories about other peculiar children. The main character is Jacob Portman who wants to know who these peculiar children are. Jacob's story became really famous and in September 2016 a film based on the book was

  •  Have you ever heard about Miss Peregrine and her peculiar children?
  •  Would you like to watch the movie?
  •  If you were a peculiar child what ability would you like to have? Why?
  •  Would you like to relive a special day? What day and why?
  •  What is your favourite character?
  •  Would you like to live with the peculiar children?

Lucrezia & Angela


  1. Home of peculiar child remember me x-men academy😂 anyway if I could choose what special abilities to have I'd choose...I don't know maybe to be able to fly!

  2. We are all peculiar in our own way, aren't we? Even without special powers. However, if I could have one (though I'm not a child ;-) ), I'd love to have the power to heal. Well done, girls!

  3. Good job!
    I have never heard anything about Miss Peregrine and her children but I would like flying.

  4. I've seen this movie recently and I really like it. If I were a peculiar children I would like to feel people's feelings and thoughts. Well done girls 😙😙

  5. Beautiful post girls!❤ I never watched this movie but I heard it. I feel peculiar everyday 😂😂 but ,if I had to choose a special power,I would like to embrace again people that aren't here any longer.

  6. I don't know, I think I wouldn't enjoy some peculiar abilities, but maybe time control, the ability of exploring every place of the universe and some paranormal senses, you know, just because I like these stuff

  7. If I were a peculiarità children I would like flying 😍 I Never watched this film But I would like To See him!!!

  8. Good post girls. I have seen this movie recently.I love it.