Monday, 27 February 2017


It is a weekend festival held every February during the middle of the NBA regular season. During this weekend there are many basketball events, exhibitions and performances.
The most important event is the NBA All-Star Game on Sunday night.

This year it has been held at Smoothie King Center of New Orleans from 17 th February to 19 th February. It was the 65 th edition. On Friday there were 2 competitions: The first competition was All-Star Celebrity Game, that consists of a match between the teams made up of celebrities and NBA ex players. The second one was NBA Rising Stars Challenge, a challenge between 2 teams including rookies and sophomores of the season 2016-2017. Jamal Murray was awarded MVP (best player of the match).

On Sunday there were 3 events: Skills Challenge, Three-Point contest and Slam Dunk contest The skills challenge consists of passing a course in less time possible. Kristaps Porzingis (New York Knicks) won this contest. The three-point contest was a challenge between the best three point shooters. Eric Gordon (Houston Rockets), won this contest. Instead, the final event of the day wasthe slam dunk contest where the best dunkers participate. Glenn
Robinson (Indiana Pacers) won this contest.

On Sunday there was the All-Star Game, a match between Western Conference and Eastern Conference. These 2 teams were formed by the best NBA players voted by the fans. The Western Conference won the match.

In our opinion, this weekend is one of the most beautiful and interesting sport weekends of the year. But we didn’t watch it live because it was played when here in Italy it was night, so we recorded it. We would like to watch this kind of events also in other sports!


Alex T. & Luca


  1. well done Alex and Luca! I enjoyed the video a lot!! I like watching basketball, in particular these contests and challenges!! They are very engaging because they do amazing things..!!

  2. I don't like I've never watched a match on tv. Anyway interesting post guys😄

  3. Well, I've never seen a basketball match but I like it a lot. You've done a nice post guys!

  4. I don't follow basketball but sometimes I've seen some matches with my brothers.
    It's the sport of Troy Bolton. *-*

  5. Good post,guys!!I think the All-Star Weekend is fantastic.I love Slam Dunk Contest because the players are spectacular!!

  6. Well done guys! I don't follow basketball but I like the video so much🏀

  7. Good job guys!
    I like Basketball and I saw Robinson III when he won the contest. He is a monster😱

  8. I love Basketball and these events! When I was in America I could watch many games... my favourite NBA competions is the SKILLS CHALLENGE...