Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Hi guys! I am Alessandro M. and today i'm going to tell you about music, house music.

Usually I listen to music in the evening, after dinner. I love listening to House music, even though sometimes I listen also to pop or rock songs, like U2's. As I said before, I love House music and I dream of going to the biggest disco - or park - in the world: Tomorrowland. There the best Djs in the world perform in July. It is in Belgium, so I really hope I can go one day. Every year more than 180K people go there, so why not me? This festival takes place between the 21st and 30th of July and hosts people from 72 countries.
Every year there is a theme in the park. In 2014 the theme was “The Key to Happiness”, in 2015 it was “The secret Kingdom of Melodia”, in 2016 was “The Elixir of Life” and this year the theme will be “Amicorum Spectaculum”.
But...which are the best Djs of the Tomorrowland set?
Let's have a look at this list!
Martin Garrix 

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike 



Steve Aoki 

David Guetta

Wow! They are all fantastic and I love them. 
What about you? Do you listen to House music?
Have you ever heard of Tomorrowland?
I’ll leave you now but with some great music: a video featuring Martin Garrix at Tomorrowland 2016. Till next time!
Alessandro M.


  1. Wow nice post, I also sometimes listen to music house, and hardwell is really good

  2. Not the biggest fan of house music, but I bet it'll be cool as hell attending to this concert

  3. Too much noise for me. Pass! ;-)

  4. I've heard something about Tomorrowland, it's very famous. I know Dimitri Vegas and David Guetta.
    Good post😄

  5. Good job Alessandro! You've written a cool post and music house is great.

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  7. Good post!I like house music and I think Martin Garrix is one of the best DJ in the world!!!

  8. wonderfoul post Ale,i love Avicii and his music ...<3

  9. I've heard about Tomorrowland and I like House music! Good job Alessandro

  10. Great post Ale❤ I love house music,I'm a great fan😍😍 I've never heard about Tomorrowland and now that I know it,I would like to go!

  11. Well done Alessandro! My favourite Dj is absolutely Avicii! I love his songs!!!! and I would like to go to Tomorrowland... maybe one day!

  12. Wonderful post Alessandro!
    I love tomorrowland 😍😍 and I'd like to go one day!! I think Avicii is a spectacular Dj... I love him!

  13. Good job Ale! I'd like to go to Tomorrowland! I like Avicii a lot! :)

  14. well done ale!!|.. i would like to go to tomorrowland and i like listening house music sometimes. i like Martin Garrix's songs.

  15. I am not the greatest supporter of House Music, but I've followed this festival since I was 12 years old!